Welcome to Peterborough 5x5 Challenge.

Febraury Update 2017

The 5x5 team consists of a very small number of individuals and volunteers who over the last five years have organised 12 sportives and 3 running races. A number of key members of the team have other personal commitments which means that they will not be available this year so the decision has been taken not to organise any events in 2017. I know that you will be disappointed but thank you for supporting our previous events

Update 17th December 2016

The Forest Commission have again refused our permit to run our race in 2017 and 2018.
They have written another rule to stop us dead in our tracks. New Rule "No major event with more than 30 participants can take place at Top Lodge over the weekend or 50 in the weekdays".

Update 1st November 2016.

We have applied to the Chief Executive Officer at the Forest Commission (Enterprise) for a permit to run our Remembrance Races for the next two years 2017 and 2018. We have requested a speed reply so that there is adequate time to address any issues that need to be resolved.

August 2016

We applied for the permit to run the event at Top Lodge from the Forestry Commission in January this year, which was refused stating various reasons. Since then we have appealed both at local level and finally at a National level Chief Executive, Forest Enterprise but without any success. The final reason given for the refusal was lack of staff at Top Lodge to administer our application plus staff shortage on the day.We hope to return to Top Lodge in November 2017
Key Sportive Information NO RIDES PLAN AT PRESENT :